Pan That Palette 2015: Update #3

I did my last update on this project at the end of September, so I figured now was a good time to do another update, especially as we're getting close to the end of the year. I've also got some very exciting progress to show you!

Review: Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil

For some reason I always seem to take the longest to get around to reviewing my favourite products. I think this is partly due to me knowing full well I am absolutely going to re-purchase, so I don't have to rush to write a review, as I do with the products I don't think I'll necessary re-purchase. In the aforementioned favourites category is a Pai product; the much raved about, you have probably heard of it Rosehip Oil. And finally here is my review, another rave indeed.

Empties: October 2015

In October I unfortunately only managed to finish one makeup item, but I did finish quite a bit of full-size skincare. I focused my attention on using up more perfume samples as I really want to start clearing those out as I've got quite a back-up. There's a whole drawer dedicated to different sized perfume samples that I'd like to use for storing something else. Otherwise I'm hoping I'll finish more makeup next month, and think I just might as there's a few things nearing it's end. But for now, onto my empties for October.

Favourites: October 2015

So the problem with focusing on using stuff up is when the time comes to write a favourites post. I've pretty much stuck to the same makeup and skincare for the entire month, and the same as I used last month. It's great, cause I'm really getting somewhere with using up my stash, but I don't have much new stuff to talk about. There's two products here that I did just talk about, but they were the two products that stood out the most this month, so it felt natural to include them anyway.

Review: Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Foundation

I've been using my Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Foundation everyday for the past month or so, and figured it would be the perfect time to write a review. As some of you may know, Armani makes some of my favourite foundations, and my all-time favourite foundation; Lasting Silk UV Foundation. Since discovering that I've wanted to try all of the brands' foundations, including Designer Lift. All the great reviews it's received also didn't exactly hurt.

Use it Up: Update #7

This is going to be one of the better updates of this. Not that I've ever done too shabby, to be honest, but this time around I've finished a whopping 6 products. This means I'll also be adding 6 new products at the end, which is a lot. I considered not adding them and just finishing the remaining products by the end of the year, and then being done with the project, but I don't want to do that. I'd rather keep cycling through ten and another ten and another ten products, no matter what year it is or was. Either way, let's get into showing the progress I've made on the products I am still working on, what I've finished and what's going in the bin.

Review: Pai Perfect Balance Blemish Serum Copaiba & Zinc

I talked about this a little bit already in my September Favourites post, and figured as I've been using it everyday for the last two months, now was the perfect time to write a full review. Pai is a brand I've come to love and trust. As many of you know I love their Rosehip Oil, it's one of my favourite skincare finds ever, and it was also my introduction to the Pai Skincare brand. My first other serum from them was this; the Perfect Balance Blemish Serum.

Empties: September 2015

This empties post is going to be a bit spoilerish in terms of my use it up project, unfortunately. I wanted to post an update in September, but with my new schedule and also being the lucky recipient of the flu virus, I just couldn't get around to even thinking about it. Other than the makeup items I didn't finish much this month, it's definitely a smaller post than some of my others. Having said that there are a lot of bigger items, stuff I've been working on for a long time, and actually quite a few makeup items, so it's quite exciting still.

Favourites: September 2015

September is always a weird in-between month where it's not still summer, but not quite fall yet, so it's hard to choose what clothes and what kind of makeup to wear. It was also my first month working so I really got to put some products to the test. I quickly fell into habits as I now need something I know works or know how to make work. So these are all a good selection of my go-to fool proof products that I've depended on the last 30 days.

Pan That Palette: Update #2

First of all, yes this is really only the second update. I was so surprised when I realised I've only updated once before this year, but at least I'm getting around to it now. So without further ado, let's see how I've done since last time.
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